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Earn 4.5% Daily

Perpetual Never Ending Dividends

The First Non-Ponzi Daily Roi

Self Sustained Passive Income


A new Financial Paradigm

Unlike other "Passive Income" products, Crypto Bonds do really pays forever.
The innovative decentralized formula in the smart contract ensure that funds never ends.


Dynamic Dividends Payout

Each Crypto Bond pay out 4.5% of it's value daily, forever. 
Bonds value is not fixed, it go up depending on supply and demand.


Value Boosting Mechanics

Crypto Bonds value grows naturally every time they are bought from the SmartContract.
Deflationary Mechanism also ensure that their value always remain strong and grow over time.


Deflationary Mechanism

Every time Crypto Bonds are transfered between wallets, for example when trading them via third-party exchanges, 20% of the transfered amount is destroyed, raising the value of circulating Bonds.


Fair Value and No Premine

Crypto Bonds are issued by the official DefiGroup Smart Contract, the Bond price increase anytime they are bought, sold, transfered and destroyed.


ERC/TRC 20 Fully Compatible

Crypto Bonds can be bought and sold on Decentralized Exchanges at any time. You can sell them whenever you want or buy them at a discount rate.


Referral Program

Our referral program gives you 5% of every investment made by your friends. Referral rewards are distributed automatically and you can withdraw them at anytime.


Short answer: YES.

Unlikely all other investment programs (ponzi), Crypto Bonds are a new very sophisticated instrument built in a way that makes possible what until now has been deemed impossible.

A Real Self Sustained Perpetual Profits Generating Mechanism.

Every Crypto Bond have an official centralized value, calculated by the SmartContract in realtime that changes over time based on supply and demand.

Each Crypto Bond pay out 4.5% of its official value every day, forever.

Value of Bonds is not fixed and is prone to increase over time, thus the actualy amount of daily dividends (in ETH or TRX) might as well be more than 2% of initial investment, forever.

Crypto Bonds price increase every time they are bought/issued from the SmartContract.

As Crypto Bonds are real ERC/TRC 20 compatible Tokens, they are also traded on third-party exchanges.

Crypto Bonds comes with a built-in deflationary mechanism, when a Bond is transfered between wallets (for example, by being bought/sold in third-party exchanges) 20% of the transfered amount is Burned (destroyed), shrinking the circulating supply and increasing the value of circulating Bonds.

As a result, Bonds value grows anytime they are bought from the official smartcontract and/or transfered or traded in third-party exchanges. 

Crypto Bonds are issued by the official SmartContract.

There are two ways to get them:

* Get them from the official smartcontract that will issue (mint) them
* Get them from somebody who is willing to sell them in an exchange

- Bonds bought from the smartcontract are paid at the official price
- Bonds bought from exchanges are paid at the price decided by sellers (discounted)

When you get Bonds from the SmartContract, they are delivered to you already locked.

Locked Bonds produce daily dividends that can and should be withdrawed every day (unwithdrawed dividends are re-cycled to the contract fund).

If you want to transfer your Bonds to another wallet (example: sell them in an exchange), you have to unlock them first.
Unlocking your Bonds is easy and instantaneous, simply click the Unlock button in your Dashboard.

In order for your Bonds to start producing Daily Dividends again you have to Lock them.
Locking require 24 hours, simply click the Lock button in your Dashboard and your divs will start coming after 24 hours.

You can keep your Bonds locked for as much time as you want, they are stored in the official SmartContract safely.

To participate in the referral program is easy:

* Login and unlock your Ethereum/Tron Wallet in your browser
* Choose your referral name in the DeFiGroup Dashboard
* Copy your link and share it with other investors
* The smartcontract will deposit 5% of your invitees investment in your account
* Withdraw your Referral Profits at any time
* Referral profits comes at no cost to your invitees

Every 24 hours, part of funds held in the Official SmartContract are prepared for the distribution to Bond holders (dividends).

The countdown lets you know when the next stack of funds is going to be available for distribution.

Technical Support: 5%
Marketing: 5%
Referrals: 5%
Dividends Fund: 85%

Yes, you can get out at any time.

Simply unlock your Bonds and sell them in the exchange, somebody will be happy to buy them from you and start earning daily dividends.

\/ Do i have to give back my withdrawed dividends?
Your withdrawed dividends are yours, you have earned them!

The SmartContract has been audited and is deemed fully safe and strong. However it is Not opensource at this time. Crypto Bonds is the first project of its kind, with it's unique mechanism that is by itself a real New Financial Paradigm.

The crypto world is still new and unregulated, with many unscrupulous actors ready to use this technology with the purpose of steal, clone, scam and harm unsophisticated investors.

For this reason, the SmartContract code will remain closed to safeguard the crypto community all around the world.

Bonds official price is calculated by the SmartContract autonomously taking in consideration the amount of ETH or TRX funds hold in the contract, the amount of Bonds (DFBG) circulating supply, and the amount of ETH or TRX you are injecting in case of purchasing.

Every purchase will naturally increase the Bonds price slightly due to the injection of new ETHs or TRXs in the contract, and depending on the size of your purchase in relation with the current circulating supply and funds in contract, the price of Bonds can increase greatly! This is what slippage is about.

But don't worry! The SmartContract have a slippage limit protection function built-in, limiting price slippage to never be more than 50% of the current official price in a single transaction, no matter the size.


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