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Get CryptoBonds

DeFiGroupBonds (DFGB) purchased from the SmartContract are freshly minted and comes already locked, ready to pay daily dividends.

Each Bond pays you 4.5% of it's value every day, forever.
Each Bond pays you - ETH every day, forever.

1 DFGB = - ETH

Enter the amount of ETH to invest

You will get: - DFGB

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Funds in the Contract


These are the funds currently backing the circulating DeFiGroupBonds (DFGB) value. Part of these funds are distributed as dividends to all Bond holders every day.

Today Global Dividends


This is the amount of dividends to be distributed globally today.

Next distribution in -:-:- (- ETH)

DFGB in my Wallet (unlocked)


Unlocked Bonds can be transfered to other wallets and/or exchanges, they are not producing dividends.

My locked DFGB in contract


Locked DFGB cannot be moved or transfered to other wallets, they are currently producing dividends for you every day.

My Referral Profits


Referral Profits can be withdrawed at any time.

My Withdrawable Dividends


Withdraw your dividends every day.


Bonds Circulating



ETH distributed every day



Happy Investors



ETH already distributed


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